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2012 Projects

This year the staff at Process-Logic applied their talents to a host of projects.  Below are highlights of our accomplishments.

  • Successful completion of all engineering, construction, PLC/HMI programming, commissioning and start-up activities for a Specialty Gas Manufacturing plant in Fujian province, China.
  • Successful completion of PLC IOQ activities for 2 WFI (water-for-injection) stills, and 2 aseptic filling lines for a major producer of animal health drugs.  Each filling line included automated vial washing, de-pyrogenation tunnel drying, an 8 position vial filling station, stopper insertion station, raised stopper detection, and capping/crimping stations. The producer is currently operating under consent decree from the FDA, so the testing was extremely rigorous and efforts were very intense.
  • Successful completion of all PLC/HMI programming, commissioning, and start-up activities of a cryogenic manufacturing pilot process system for a major manufacturer of adhesive and gasketing compounds. The project included a custom Modbus interface to an IR Spectrophotometer from Mettler-Toledo.
  • Engineering and design of an FM-approved Intrinsically Safe Glass Integrity Tester for a world famous manufacturer of glass lined reactor vessels and other process equipment. 
  • Engineering and design of a 1500 gallon production scale fermentation vessel.  Once construction and commissioning is complete, the client will be able to produce custom strains of bacteria used in highly-effective, targeted cleaning compounds.
  • Engineering and design of a SCADA system for monitoring the operations of power distribution switchgear and transformers for the USDA office complex in Washington DC.
  • Relocation of manufacturing line / re-distribution of power for Nexpress.
  • Provided automation consulting services for Dupont/Danisco to assist in specifying the automation and integration details of a large Freeze-Drying production system.
  • Provided automation consulting services for Norwich Pharmaceuticals Inc., to assist in specifying the automation and integration details of a large Roller/Compactor/Bin handling system.
  • Currently providing automation consulting services for an Edmonton, AB company engaged in the extraction of essential oils, proteins, and other plant-based compounds, using microwave technology to enhance the availability of complex plant cellular structures.
  • Successful completion of commissioning and startup activities for a PLC upgrade / retrofit for a waste water treatment plant in Webster NY.
  • Ongoing support for Pfizer, Lonza, Reynolds, Spectrum.
  • Engineering and design in support of the River Corridor Closure project, one of the DOE's  largest environmental cleanup projects. The VPU Remediation project will stabilize, characterize, retrieve, package and transport waste from 144 Vertical Pipe Units.

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