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Panel Fabrication Services:

As a service to our customers, we work with a few select panel fabrication shops that we know can produce flawlessly-built panels at very reasonable prices. UL-508 and CSA approved panels are no problem. Working closely with these craftsmen, we see to it that Factory Acceptance Testing of the power distribution, the wiring terminations, and the component integrity, are all performed to our stringent standards and specifications. We’ve worked with these guys for years and haven’t been disappointed yet!

Instrument Calibration Services:

A smooth, on-schedule start-up is only possible when all the instrumentation is installed, calibrated, and functioning correctly. More than once or twice we’ve seen project schedules jeopardized when an instrumentation contractor responsible for calibrations, did not perform up to expectations. We’ve now removed this source of uncertainty by taking on the capability of doing our own NIST-traceable instrument calibration work. Now, if there are ever any issues regarding the suitability of an instrument in its application or its calibration, we know about it first and get it rectified long before it can have an adverse impact on the project schedule.

Software & Operator Interface Development / System Configuration & Testing:

Typically, the design specifications for the software and operator interface functionality will have been prepared well in advance of the execution phase of a project. Once execution has been started, however, that is when the process control hardware components are assembled in the fabricator’s shops, powered up, configured and tested. Final development of the Control System / Operator Interface software is also done at this time and loaded into the control system components. We typically write comprehensive Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) procedures that prove out as much of the system functionality as is possible at the shop. This generally permits an overall shortening of the duration of Site Acceptance Testing in conformance with the project’s overall commissioning strategy.

Shutdown Management Services & Construction Support:

Careful shutdown planning and coordination is essential when executing projects in an existing facility where production operations are active. All installation work and commissioning efforts must be closely coordinated with the Plant Operations Group to insure that the work may be performed within the allotted time period both safely and without incurring unnecessary delays. Our staff has experience in managing shutdowns for manufacturers that run 1, 2 or 3 shift / 5 day operations up to full 24 / 7 operations. To keep things moving along smoothly at the job site we provide a steady flow of information in terms of receiving and responding to questions from the installers. We provide total coverage during the Construction Phase so that any and all installation issues may be “nipped in the bud”. Progress is made at the fastest possible pace, allowing the work to be completed within the allocated window of opportunity.

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