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Detailed Design Overview:

From the finalization of PFDs and P&IDs, through preparation of detailed design specs and fabrication drawings, on to assembling and issuing Bid Packages, Process-Logic does it all during the Detailed Design Phase. We prepare Layout Drawings and Location Plans to give Contractors what they need to give good, hard numbers for their estimates. We provide detailed Equipment and Instrument lists that provide excellent resources for tracking procurement, installation and calibration progress, and commissioning planning. We generate the Instrument Procurement Data Sheets necessary to cut through the complexity and procure the specific devices that work best in a given application. We do the legwork with the Vendors to develop custom applications for sensors that are unique to your manufacturing process. We provide the installation details: Power Distribution, Conduit and Air Header 1-Lines, Loop Drawings, I/O Termination, Panel Fabrications, I.S. Barrier and Purged Panel details, Mounting and Fixturing Arrangements, all the minute details needed by the contractors to insure a timely and quality installation.

Contents of Our "Typical" Design Package

While every project is a unique entity, each with its own set of technical challenges, we generally find that the following drawings must be produced to provide adequate documentation for procuring, installing, commissioning, and maintaining an automated system.

  • P&IDs / PFDs
  • Location Plans & Layout Drawings
  • Equipment & Instrument Lists
  • I/O Lists
  • Instrument Procurement Specifications and Data Sheets
  • Instrument Installation Specifications
  • Packaged Equipment Interconnection Drawings
  • Motor Control and VFD Wiring Drawings
  • Instrument Mounting and Wiring Details
  • Electrical Conduit and Air Header 1-Lines
  • Power Distribution Drawings
  • Loop Drawings
  • I/O Termination Drawings
  • Panel Layout and Fabrication Drawings
  • I.S. Barrier and Purged Panel Details


Preparation of Specifications:

A key element in producing a quality design is to assemble the Drawings, Work Instructions, Specifications and other project documents into a coherent package. It is essential to the success of the project that the tremendous volume of data contained in the project documentation be organized in such a way that it may be reviewed thoroughly, understood correctly, retrieved efficiently, and revised in a controlled, well documented manner, when necessary.

Design Qualifications

It’s quite commonplace for changes to occur in the design or project scope during the detailed design phase of a project. It’s critical, particularly on a pharma project, that these changes be thoroughly reviewed, documented, and assessed for cGMP impact. The record of changes made to the design must be traceable. The final step before releasing the Design Package to Contractors or the Construction Management team is to have a final design review or Design Qualification step. This review insures that each element in the Requirements Document has been addressed and that Good Engineering Practice has been followed throughout all aspects of the design. Drawing Reviews, Enhanced Design Reviews, FMEAs, and / or HAZOP Reviews are conducted and documented as required by the scope and complexity of the process.

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